"Emotional connection is that weird feeling you get in your gut when you watch a black kid get his ass kicked by some Asian kids in the new Karate Kid, and you know something's off but then you remember you left your disbelief at the door, so you just go with it." - Li Cui
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Lamenting a Tree (A Sonnet)

Where I once lived on a house on a street,
You lived out back weeping quite great and tall.
Your arms stretched out and they would always meet
With green fingers that did not brown in fall.

For many years I would lie down with you.
Your great big head blocked blazes from the sun.
And you were there for me those years I grew.
Remember playing piƱata? We had fun.

But then one sad year not too long ago
You fell sick with a disease unknown still.
Your fingers fell off. Your movement was slow.
So you had to move out, and you became nil.

So in the spot where you once stood, alas,
Now all that is there is a patch of grass.